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Where it all began

At Heilala, we believe in reducing Australia’s landfill burden whilst simultaneously delivering support to developing international communities.

Founded in 2014, Heilala is built on 14 years’ experience in office strip-out and demolition. Members of our board have been working in the industry since 2002.

Over the years, we’ve witnessed countless millions of dollars’ worth of furniture, equipment and IT simply sent to landfill, all for want of a better option. We decided to leverage our experience and strategic partnerships, and established a not-for-profit organisation that does something worthwhile with this important merchandise.

There are developing communities all around the world that are in dire need of the very office equipment Australian companies send to landfill every day.

Here at Heilala, we’re working hard to change the way things are usually done. To reduce Australia’s landfill burden and simultaneously deliver much-needed support to very deserving people.


Helping communities around the world

Heilala works with partners to protect the environment and support international development through the recovery and reuse of commercial office furniture and fittings (COFF) and related goods.


Cyclone Ian January 2014












Diverted from landfill

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We rise by helping others

Heilala brings together the dual, and symbiotic, aims of:

Protecting the environment.

Through the recovery and reuse of office furniture and fittings and related products

Improving the lives of people in developing countries.

Through the provision of high quality office furniture and fittings and related products to government agencies and non-government service organisations.

Working with partners.

Heilala will achieve these aims by working closely with government and non-government partners to facilitate the provision, transport and delivery of these products to the most relevant government and non-government recipients in developing countries.

COFF includes all forms of interior furniture and fittings commonly comprising the commercial office environment – in addition to office chairs and desks; this includes partitioning, carpets, kitchen fit-out and Information Communications Technology (ICT: computers, printers etc).

Developing countries seldom have the resources to equip public sector office environments with modern COFF. In hospitals, schools and emergency services offices productivity is limited and potential efficiencies available through modern office environments is not able to be leveraged thereby limiting the service able to be provided to the community.

Heilala has leading expertise identifying, acquiring, disassembling relevant products and facilitating its transport and reassembly.

Heilala recognises that government and non-government organisations operating in the international development environment have significant understanding of the needs of civil society and the capacity to engage them in the Heilala process.

Our Team

Get to know our board members

Dean OssipAnne TalbotLisa GeorgeAkanesi ‘Aho Aisake Misa
Mr Dean Ossip joined Heilala in 2016 armed with a Bachelor of Construction Management, leadership qualifications and his expansive project management experience. Mr Ossip’s broad proficiency in logistics and operations are an asset to the Heilala team. Having recently completed a $105 million, 220 personnel construction project at Martin Place in Sydney’s CBD, Mr Ossip feels proud of his leadership achievement. His philosophy to strive to be better than he was yesterday and to share that improvement with those around him, is welcomed at Heilala.

Dean Ossip

Our Vice President

Mrs Talbot is a young dynamic individual who has quite a diverse background after working in France, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Spain and now in Australia. Anne has always been involved in volunteer work throughout her teaching career. One of the highlights in Anne’s volunteer work was a trip to India to help in different Schools across the Rajasthan area and in NGOs. Anne is now devoted to Heilala and focus to achieve more charitable work and make a difference on the other side of the hemisphere.

Anne Talbot

Our Secretary

Ms George founded Heilala and has been Heilala’s President since 2014, currently holding her second mandate. As the founder, Ms George strongly believes in protecting the environment and improving the lives of communities in developing countries. Ms George is committed to achieving Heilala’s mission and developing strategic partnerships. Travelling regularly to developing countries, Ms George enjoys experiencing first-hand the benefits of Heilala’s work.

Lisa George

Our President

Akanesi ‘Aho is our facilitator in Tonga. Mrs ‘Aho coordinates all our projects in Tonga and always direct Heilala in the right direction to allow us to work with deserving communities on the ground. She volunteers a lot of her time to talk to communities’ representatives, due to her social worker background and her Bachelor in Social work Mrs ‘Aho has a very powerful listening skill which is crucial in the Project design process.

Akanesi ‘Aho

Our Committee Member

Mr Aisake Misa is passionate about building partnerships and empowering people in developing countries. Originally from Tonga, Mr Misa understands the challenges of living in a developing country. Bilingual in English and Tongan, combined with his local knowledge and understanding of Tongan culture, Mr Misa is a valuable contribution to our Tonga Relief projects.

Aisake Misa

Our Committee Member

Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations

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Postal Address: PO BOX 2112, Taren Point, NSW, 2229

Phone: +61 8011 4389

Email: info@heilala.com.au

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