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Recycling = Aid

Australian companies throw out perfectly good office equipment every day. Whether it’s an ad-hoc upgrade or a full office refurbishment. Your business probably does the same. After all, there’s never really been any alternative. Fortunately, now there is…

Thanks to Heilala, there’s no longer any need for retired office equipment to go to waste. We partner with demolition, packaging and logistics companies to facilitate the donation of unwanted equipment to people, all around the world, who desperately need it. Our Tonga Relief project, for instance, is a perfect example. Our service covers the entire re-use process, including dismantling, secure data erasure, packaging, shipping, reassembly at destination, and re-configuration (of electronics and computers) for the recipient.

Founded in 2014, Heilala is built on 14 years’ experience in office strip-out and demolition. (Members of our board have been working in the industry since 2002.) Over the years, we’ve witnessed countless millions of dollars’ worth of furniture, equipment and IT simply sent to landfill, all for want of a better option. We decided to leverage our experience and strategic partnerships, and established a not-for-profit organisation that does something worthwhile with all of that invaluable merchandise.

Of course, it’s not only recipient communities like those on the Kingdom of Tonga’s islands that reap the rewards. Our clients – the companies donating their old equipment – also benefit. In addition to the simple satisfaction that comes with knowing you’re helping make the world a better place, they also contribute positively to their environmental goals and Green Star accreditation.

Naturally, the environment benefits too. Every piece of furniture and office equipment we rescue is one less that’s sent to land-fill. So it’s a win for developing communities, a win for donors, and a win for the environment.


A year in review

Annual Report  – 2014/2015 Download Here     Annual Report  – 2015/2016 Download Here     Annual Report  – 2016/2017 Download Here

We have prepared these documents in accordance with the Australian Council for International Development’s Code of Conduct. To maintain our transparency and accountability, we rely heavily on our policies to guide our operations both here in Australia and internationally. We encourage our stakeholders to access these documents;

Heilala Constitution – Download Here     Control of Funds and Resources – Download Here     Non-Development Activity Policy Download Here

Child Protection Policy Download Here     Complaints Handling Policy – Download Here     Privacy Policy – Download Here

“The greatest threat to our planet is believing someone else will save it”

Robert Swan

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